For your first visit, you will fill out some paperwork, pay for your treatment and then enter the treatment space. Our treatment room has low lighting and relaxing music playing. It's very peaceful! You can select a comfy recliner and one of our acupuncturists will talk with you for a few minutes to discuss your health concerns.  In some cases we rely on Chinese pulse diagnosis to give us additional information.  You will then receive some acupuncture.  It's as easy as that!  Most people are nervous when they think of needles, but acupuncture needles are as thin as a couple strands of hair.  It's not like the needles at the doctor's office! Everyone is nervous their first time but once we insert the first needle people usually say something like, "Wow, that's it?"  Once the needles are in we invite you to nap or rest as long as you like. We recommended at least 25 minutes with the needles in but many people like to nap much longer. When you feel "ready to go" simply nod to your acupuncturist.  We will remove the needles and you are on your way. Most people feel very relaxed or even slightly euphoric after acupuncture.  It's a wonderful feeling!  For your return visits, make your payment at the pay station and then head straight into the treatment room. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing that allows us access to the arms and legs. If you haven't eaten recently we recommend you have a small snack before treatment. 

We treat in a common area and keep our voices down to create a pleasant environment for napping with needles.  Please speak softly in the treatment room and be sure to turn off your cell phone before you enter.  Also, we ask that you arrive scent-free. Many people experience allergic reactions or discomfort to strong smells.