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Community Acupuncture: Affordable Acupuncture for All.

Shasta Community Acupuncture is open for business and putting the "We" in Welcome! We moved to Redding, CA to open up our practice because the area was in need of affordable acupuncture.  Before we opened up in November of 2015 the closest community acupuncture clinic was an hour and a half away in Chico. 

What is Community Acupuncture (C.A.) you may ask?  It began in Portland, Oregon circa 2002 with the idea to make the benefits of acupuncture available to the masses.  As you may know the average price per treatment for a Boutique Acupuncture (B.A.) treatment in the United States ranges from $60 - $100.  C.A. clinics offer pricing from $15 - $40 on a sliding scale where we let the patient decide how much to pay.  

How can we make a living by charging so little?  By treating patients in an open room on comfortable recliners we are able to treat more people at a time which allows us to keep the cost low, enabling you to come as often as you need to achieve your treatment goals.  

Just to be clear, we don't have anything against the B.A. practitioners that charge higher rates. We used to practice that way.  It just didn't fit for us because we didn't like turning people away that couldn't afford our rates.  We know that you will get more attention and certain modalities such as cupping, massage, diet and lifestyle advice when you are treated in a B.A. setting because you will be treated in a private room with more time allotted for your intake. That’s great for those patients who can afford the B.A. rates or those whose health insurance covers acupuncture.  

In a C.A. setting, we strictly use acupuncture as our modality.  We have realized that whether we spend 3 minutes or 30 minutes talking with you, the acupuncture needles are the most important thing, so why not just get right to it!  We believe in the simplicity of this form of healthcare and have seen it work time and time again.  Acupuncture has been healing people for thousands of years and now C.A. clinics across the country are committed to making this a common resource for everyone.

We opened up Shasta Community Acupuncture three months ago and in that short time have gone from treating 13 patients per week to nearly 40 per week.  There are over 150 community acupuncture clinics in the United States that adhere to the guidelines set by the brave and benevolent folks that started this movement.  Some of those clinics treat 500 people per week.  We would love to be that busy, but for now we do see a lot of gratitude from our current patient base and we are humbled to be growing so fast. 

C.A. has definitely blossomed over the last decade and is now available in most big cities.  Its popularity and ability to affordably treat pain, discomfort and many broad types of suffering is right on time.  Over 130 million Americans take medications every day and we are more medicated than any other country in the world.  Acupuncture has no negative side effects and is great for treating chronic problems, such as diabetes, hypertension and arthritis.  It has been speculated that acupuncture works by interfacing between the body’s nervous system and the circulatory system, and it certainly seems to improve blood circulation in general.  As a result, it can sometimes help patients with chronic disorders have a better quality of life and reduce their need for multiple medications. 

Even if you don’t have any chronic problems, acupuncture is a great way to relieve stress which systemically boosts immunity and regulates our mental and emotional state.  Many of our patients leave with the giggles, saying they feel an ‘acupuncture high’ and we love that. We definitely cannot do this without you, and if you’ve never tried acupuncture before, we encourage you to come experience an acupuncture nap alongside a community of others doing the same.  In fact, bring a friend or loved one with you.  When the room is full, there is definitely a palpable healing energy that transcends our individual limitations.  We need high-volume to sustain and appreciate your word of mouth referrals as this is the only advertising we can afford right now.  It is our dream to have Shasta Community Acupuncture become a presence in Redding for the long-haul, growing into a large scale clinic, open every day and providing jobs for the local community.

If you’d like to read more about Community Acupuncture or find a quality clinic near your home, you can visit the website for the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture at  They are the daring folks that started this movement.  You can buy Fractal: About Community Acupuncture  or Acupuncture is Like Noodles on their website which gives a detailed history of the C.A. movement and its DIY role in reforming our broken healthcare system  You can also visit our website for our hours or to book an appointment online.