Jean O'Hara LAc, Dipl. OM & JP O'Hara, LAc, Dipl. OM

Jean O'Hara LAc, Dipl. OM & JP O'Hara, LAc, Dipl. OM

Shasta Community Acupuncture is now Flow Community Acupuncture.  (same owners, same clinic just a new name.)

JP (John) and Jean O'Hara are licensed acupuncturists, board certified by the California Acupuncture Board and the NCCAOM.  Both are trained herbalists and completed 4-year master's degrees from Yo San University.  Flow Community Acupuncture is a family-owned business. The O'Hara team has previously practiced in Los Angeles and Orange County. Flow Community Acupuncture is a proud member of The People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA). 

The Story of Flow Community Acupuncture:

JP and Jean previously practiced boutique-style acupuncture in Southern California.  This is the type most commonly practiced in the U.S. that involves treating patients in private rooms, billing insurance etc.  Over time they grew disheartened with the fact that most people are unable to afford that style of acupuncture.  Acupuncture works best when you can receive a series of treatments but the high cost of even a single treatment can be a barrier for a large portion of the population.  The O'Haras had seen how acupuncture could change lives and felt that everyone deserved that opportunity.  A friend and fellow acupuncturist had opened a community-style acupuncture clinic in Long Beach.  After seeing her clinic in action, JP and Jean became interested in the growing movement to make acupuncture affordable and accessible.  They then sought out support and information from POCA (People's Organization of Community Acupuncture), a co-op that unites and supports community acupuncturists and patients.  We all work together to share information and resources so that we can continue to remove healthcare barriers and make acupuncture accessible to everyone. POCA provided us with a framework of how to effectively and efficiently treat large numbers of people.  After seeing many successful community clinics in action around California, Jean and JP knew they had found their calling!  For their business, the next step was to find a city that was in need of affordable acupuncture.  After living in Los Angeles for many years and then Huntington Beach, they wanted to find a smaller city that had what they loved most... vast beautiful nature for hiking/exploring/camping and rock climbing.  

From JP and Jean: Shasta Community Acupuncture opened in November 2015 and was renamed Flow Community Acupuncture in August 2017.  We considered many cities but our hearts kept bringing us back to Redding.  We loved the sense of community here and of course the beautiful natural wilderness surrounding us.  We feel so lucky to have been received so well here in Redding.  We have met so many wonderful people and are greatly inspired by numerous local efforts to create a healthy, thriving city. Community acupuncture works when the community itself supports it through word of mouth. We are so thankful for the positive reviews our patients are sharing with friends, coworkers and family.  We love what we do and feel so lucky to get to share this incredible medicine on a daily basis!