We are currently referring patients to Kane Sports and Therapeutic Massage for cupping therapy. Please call (530) 524-2148 to make an appointment with them.

Cupping is a healing modality used for thousands of years to promote circulation, ease pain, release muscle tension, clear heat and expel toxins.  Cupping pulls carbon dioxide and other cell waste from the deeper muscle layer to the surface of the skin, allowing the body to more easily flush out toxins and improve circulation in the local area.  Cupping is beneficial for back pain, shoulder tension, improving range of motion, respiratory conditions (asthma/bronchitis/common cold), anxiety and stress release. 

First, massage oil is applied to the back, then glass or plastic cups are placed on the back using a suction technique.  Glass cups use fire to create the vacuum while plastic cups use a pumping tool to extract the air.  The strength of the suction is varied from patient to patient depending on comfort level.  Have you seen photos of athletes or celebrities with those circular hickey-like marks? It is common for cupping to cause red or purple skin discoloration.  This will usually last a few days to a week and rarely causes discomfort.  FCA does not provide wet (bleeding) cupping or needle cupping.   

Cupping is contraindicated in pregnancy, patients with bleeding disorders, patients who bruise very easily (from medications etc), patients with skin ulcers and those currently receiving radiation or chemotherapy. 

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